Occupational safety and health certification

Guarantee workers safety and health is, for Base Protection, a primary, strategic and binding purpose. The safety management system implemented in the company environment obtained the OHSAS 18001 Certification issued by the International agency DNV Business Assurance.

The Civil code Art. 2087 decrees that "The entrepreneur must adopt, to manage the company, all the necessary measures, to protect the workers physical conditions as well as the personality".

Reduce the risks, ensure the observance of the regulations, support a correct premises management, are all actions combining to bring an effective prevention. Involving and making all the operators feel responsible is important to turn the purposes into facts.

If the Code decrees about legal obligations, certifying the policies in favour of safety is a choice that exceeds the norms, engages in a continual search to improve the occupational conditions.

The first step to be equipped with an efficient safety management system is to be aware of the risks. Only if you know the possible dangers is possible to find out the ways to prevent them. It is one of the key concept of DNV Business Assurance.

The certificate issued by the agency proves that "the company management system has been checked, and complies with the reference standard". The certification demonstrates, officially, the company's engagement in actively protecting its workers health and safety".

Stable shelving units. machinery efficiency, free hallways, are some precautions to be used to make a work environment safer. Risk factor signs and the presence of emergency systems (safety exits, fire extinguishers, …) in places where they can easily be noticed are other safety factors.

A rigorous safety management system offers several positive effects: number of accidents decrease; increase of personnel motivation; reduction of material loss.

As declared by DN V:a OHSAS 18001 is "a model to protect the most important resource for a company: the human capital". Machinery ans infrastructure can easily be replaced, the persons are unique and they can make the difference.